Surah Ala Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


Surah Al-A’la, also known as “The Most High,” is the 87th chapter of the Qur’an. It consists of 19 verses and holds significant teachings and lessons for Muslims. In this surah, Allah emphasizes His supremacy and encourages believers to strive for righteousness.

Surah Al-A’la begins by praising the name of Allah, the Most High, acknowledging His magnificence and loftiness. The surah emphasizes the importance of glorifying Allah and recognizing His supremacy above all creation. It highlights that true success lies in recognizing and worshipping the One God who has control over all things.

The surah then draws attention to the creation of man and his purpose in life. Allah created man in the best form, endowed him with intellect and wisdom, and made him superior to other creatures. This verse serves as a reminder to humans that they should utilize their faculties to recognize and submit to their Creator.

Allah warns against arrogance and pride, stating that those who reject His signs and refuse to humble themselves before Him will face severe consequences. It reminds believers of the story of Pharaoh and his arrogance, and how he ultimately faced destruction and humiliation. This serves as a lesson to mankind about the dangers of arrogance and the importance of humility before Allah.

The surah then encourages believers to establish regular prayers and fulfill their obligations towards Allah. It emphasizes that prayer is a means of drawing closer to Allah, seeking His guidance and mercy. By maintaining a strong connection with Allah through prayer, believers can attain spiritual elevation and righteousness.

Furthermore, Surah Al-A’la emphasizes the importance of giving in charity and helping those in need. It highlights that wealth and possessions are a test from Allah and should be used for the betterment of society. Muslims are encouraged to be generous, compassionate, and selfless in their dealings with others, thereby fulfilling their social responsibilities.

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