Surah Buruj Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


Surah Buruj, also known as the Chapter of the Towers, is the 85th chapter of the Quran. It is a Makkan surah consisting of 22 verses and holds significant lessons and messages for believers.

Surah Buruj begins by mentioning the celestial bodies, the sun, and the stars. It narrates the historical event of the people of the trench who oppressed and persecuted the believers. The surah emphasizes the power and authority of Allah, the Just and Wise, who is capable of punishing the oppressors and granting salvation to the oppressed.

The surah highlights the steadfastness and faith of the believers who endured immense hardships. It recounts their unwavering commitment to their faith, even in the face of severe persecution. The people of the trench refused to renounce their beliefs despite the threats and torture inflicted upon them. They chose to remain steadfast, knowing that their ultimate reward lies with Allah.

Surah Buruj also serves as a reminder of the consequences that await those who transgress the bounds of justice and commit acts of oppression. It condemns the tyrants and wrongdoers who seek to suppress the truth and harm the believers. It warns them of a severe punishment that awaits them in this life and the Hereafter.

Furthermore, the surah encourages believers to have trust in Allah’s promise of reward and punishment. It assures them that Allah is fully aware of their struggles and sacrifices. The story of the people of the trench serves as a testament to the fact that Allah will ultimately bring justice and retribution to those who have been wronged.

Surah Buruj also highlights the concept of Divine intervention and how Allah can overturn the situation in favor of the believers. It emphasizes that no matter how powerful the oppressors may seem, their strength is limited and temporary. Allah has the ultimate control and authority over all matters.

The surah further emphasizes the importance of faith, patience, and perseverance. It reminds believers that they should remain steadfast in their beliefs, even when faced with adversity. It encourages them to trust in Allah’s plan and have patience during difficult times.

Moreover, Surah Buruj serves as a source of inspiration for believers to remain committed to their faith and principles. It instills courage and determination in the hearts of the believers, reminding them of the strength they possess through their connection with Allah.

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