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Surah Nooh, also known as the Chapter of Noah, is the 71st surah of the Quran. It was revealed in Makkah and consists of 28 verses. The surah tells the story of the Prophet Noah (Nuh in Arabic) and his mission to guide his people to the worship of the one true God.

Surah Nooh begins by introducing Prophet Noah as a righteous and sincere servant of Allah who was sent to his people to warn them of the impending punishment if they did not abandon their idolatry and return to the worship of Allah alone. Noah’s people had deviated from the path of truth and were engrossed in their sinful ways.

Noah began preaching to his people, calling them to believe in Allah and worship Him alone. He reminded them of Allah’s favors upon them, how He created them, and provided for them. He explained that their worship of idols was baseless and that it would only lead them to destruction. Noah urged his people to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah, promising them mercy and a prosperous life if they did so.

However, instead of heeding Noah’s call, his people rejected him and mocked his message. They were arrogant and refused to abandon their idols. They challenged Noah, asking him to bring upon them the punishment he had been warning them about.

Noah, saddened by the stubbornness of his people, turned to Allah in prayer. He sought Allah’s guidance and asked for help in delivering his message. Allah responded to Noah’s plea and commanded him to build an ark under His guidance. Noah diligently followed Allah’s instructions and constructed a massive ship.

While building the ark, Noah continued to invite his people to join him in the ark and to believe in Allah. But his people ridiculed him even more, considering him to be a madman and persisting in their disbelief.

As the construction of the ark neared completion, Noah received a final warning from Allah. He was told that when the floodwaters came gushing forth, he should take aboard the ark a pair of every species of animal, as well as his family members who believed in him. Noah was commanded not to take those who denied the truth, as they were destined to perish.

As the floodwaters began to rise, Noah and the believers entered the ark, along with the pairs of animals. The rain poured down relentlessly, and the seas and rivers overflowed, engulfing the land. The disbelievers, who had rejected Noah’s message, were left to face the wrath of Allah’s punishment.

The ark sailed through the raging floodwaters, guided by Allah’s mercy and protection. After the flood subsided and the land became dry again, the ark eventually came to rest on Mount Judi.

Noah and the survivors, full of gratitude and thankfulness to Allah, disembarked from the ark and began to rebuild their lives. Noah reminded his people of the lessons they should have learned from the great calamity that had befallen them, urging them to repent and turn back to Allah. However, many of them still refused to accept the truth and persisted in their disbelief.

The story of Prophet Noah serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of rejecting the message of Allah and the importance of steadfastness and obedience to His commandments. It teaches us the importance of faith, patience, and the ultimate triumph of truth over falsehood.

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