Surah Quraish Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


Surah Quraish, also known as Surah Al-Quraish, is the 106th chapter of the Quran. It is a short chapter consisting of just four verses, but it carries profound lessons and insights. Surah Quraish is named after the tribe of Quraish, the dominant tribe in Mecca during the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The chapter begins with a declaration of the blessings bestowed upon the Quraish. Allah says:

“For the accustomed security of the Quraish, their accustomed security during the winter and summer journeys.” (Quran 106:1-2)

These verses highlight the special care and protection Allah provided to the Quraish tribe, particularly during their trading expeditions. Mecca was a significant center of trade, and the Quraish benefited greatly from this economic activity. Allah ensured their safety and security during their travels, enabling them to engage in commerce and prosper.

The next verse draws attention to the aspect of gratitude. Allah reminds the Quraish and all believers to show gratitude for His blessings:

“So let them worship the Lord of this House, who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe, [saving them] from fear.” (Quran 106:3-4)

This verse emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and worshipping Allah as the provider of sustenance and security. It encourages gratitude for the blessings of food and safety that Allah has bestowed upon the Quraish and all humanity. It serves as a reminder to appreciate the favors of Allah and to express gratitude through acts of worship and obedience.

Surah Quraish holds several valuable lessons for believers. It teaches us the importance of recognizing and appreciating the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah. We often take for granted the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and safety. This chapter reminds us to be grateful and to acknowledge Allah as the ultimate source of all blessings.

Moreover, Surah Quraish teaches us about the significance of unity and community. The Quraish tribe was a cohesive and influential group in Mecca, and they enjoyed the benefits of collective security and prosperity. This chapter encourages believers to foster unity within their communities and work together for the greater good. It reminds us that unity can lead to strength and stability.

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