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Surah Yusuf is the 12th chapter of the Quran and is named after the Prophet Yusuf (Joseph). It consists of 111 verses and was revealed in Makkah. The Surah narrates the story of Prophet Yusuf and explores various themes such as family, jealousy, trust in God, patience, and forgiveness.

The Surah begins by introducing Prophet Yusuf and highlighting his special qualities, such as his beauty, righteousness, and wisdom. It describes how Yusuf’s brothers grew jealous of him due to the preferential treatment he received from their father, Yaqub (Jacob).

Yusuf has a dream in which he sees eleven stars, the sun, and the moon prostrating before him. This dream signifies Yusuf’s future status and authority. He shares the dream with his father, who advises him not to disclose it to his brothers, as it may increase their envy.

Out of jealousy, Yusuf’s brothers plot to get rid of him. They throw him into a well and inform their father that he has been devoured by a wolf. Yusuf is later found by travelers, who sell him as a slave in Egypt.

Yusuf faces trials and tribulations in Egypt but remains steadfast in his faith and remains devoted to God. He catches the attention of the minister of Egypt, who recognizes Yusuf’s exceptional qualities and appoints him as his household manager.

The wife of the minister tries to seduce Yusuf, but he resists her advances and remains loyal to God. She accuses him of wrongdoing, leading to Yusuf’s imprisonment. Despite being imprisoned, Yusuf remains patient and continues to rely on God’s guidance.

In prison, Yusuf interprets the dreams of two fellow prisoners, accurately predicting their outcomes. One of them, the king’s cupbearer, is released and eventually remembers Yusuf when the king himself has a dream that troubles him.

Yusuf is summoned to interpret the king’s dream, which he does successfully. The king is impressed by Yusuf’s wisdom and appoints him as a high-ranking official in Egypt. Through his position, Yusuf is able to implement effective strategies to manage Egypt’s resources during a time of drought.

Years later, Yusuf’s brothers travel to Egypt seeking food during the famine. They do not recognize Yusuf, but he recognizes them. Yusuf tests their integrity and eventually reveals his true identity to them. He forgives his brothers for their past actions and asks them to bring their father and the whole family to Egypt.

Surah Yusuf concludes with a message of forgiveness and reconciliation. It emphasizes the importance of trust in God’s plan, the consequences of envy and betrayal, and the power of forgiveness and compassion.


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