Dua at the time of Dressing – لباس پہنتے وقت کی دعا

Dressing is a daily routine that we often overlook as a mundane activity. However, in Islam, even the simplest actions can be imbued with spiritual significance and can serve as a means of connecting with our Creator. When it comes to dressing, there are certain etiquettes and supplications that we can engage in to enhance our mindfulness and seek the blessings of Allah.

Before embarking on the act of dressing, it is recommended to begin with the intention of adorning ourselves in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. This intention sets the tone for our actions and reminds us that even our appearance can be an act of worship. With this intention, we can transform the act of dressing into a spiritual exercise.

As we gather our clothes, we should remember to be grateful to Allah for providing us with garments to cover our bodies and protect us from the elements. We should express our gratitude and acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon us by saying, “Alhamdulillah” (All praise be to Allah). This simple expression of gratitude helps us cultivate a mindset of appreciation and humility.

While putting on each garment, we can recite the following supplication:

“Bismillah. Alhamdulillahilladhi kasani hadha (garment) warazaqanihi min ghayri hawlin minni wala quwwah.”

This supplication translates to: “In the name of Allah. All praise is due to Allah who has provided me with this (garment) and sustained me without any strength or power from myself.”

Reciting this supplication reminds us that it is Allah who has provided us with clothing and sustenance, and it serves as a reminder of our dependence on Him.

Additionally, it is important to maintain modesty in our choice of clothing. Islam encourages both men and women to dress in a manner that is decent and covers the body appropriately. Dressing modestly helps protect our dignity and promotes a respectful atmosphere in society.

Furthermore, as we dress, we should be mindful of the intention behind our appearance. Our focus should be on presenting ourselves in a manner that reflects the values of Islam and showcases our adherence to its teachings. We should aim to dress in a way that is pleasing to Allah, rather than seeking validation or admiration from others.


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