Masjid me Jane ki Dua – Read Masjid me Jane ki Dua Online 2023

A masjid, or mosque, is a sacred place for Muslims to gather for prayer and worship. It is important for Muslims to make a sincere and heartfelt dua, or supplication, when entering the masjid. The dua for entering the masjid is known as “dua for entering the masjid.”

The dua for entering the masjid is a simple yet powerful prayer that can be recited upon entering the masjid. It is a reminder to the individual that they are entering a sacred place and that they should conduct themselves with humility and respect.

It is recommended that Muslims recite this dua upon entering the masjid, as it sets the intention for their visit and reminds them of the purpose of the masjid – to worship Allah and connect with the community. Additionally, it is also recommended to recite the following dua before leaving the mosque:

“Alhamdulillahil-ladhi a’taita bini’matika wa zakaita fihi, wa adhina fawqa kulli shay’in. Astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk.”

This translates to: “All praise is due to Allah who has granted me blessings and has guided me to them, and who has enabled me to reach them. I seek Your forgiveness and I turn to You in repentance.”

This dua is a way to express gratitude to Allah for the blessings received during the visit to the masjid and ask for forgiveness for any mistakes that may have been made.


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