Surah Anam Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


Surah Al-An’am, also known as “The Cattle,” is the sixth chapter of the Holy Quran. It consists of 165 verses and covers a wide range of topics, including monotheism, prophethood, the importance of following the guidance of Allah, and the consequences of disbelief. It emphasizes the unity of Allah and the significance of submitting to His will.

In Surah Al-An’am, Allah addresses the people of Makkah, urging them to reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth. The chapter highlights the signs of Allah’s existence and power evident in nature, encouraging the disbelievers to abandon their false gods and recognize the oneness of Allah.

The Surah also discusses the stories of several prophets, including Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Prophet Nuh (Noah), and Prophet Musa (Moses). It emphasizes that these prophets were sent to guide their respective nations and to establish the worship of Allah alone. The rejection and persecution they faced from their people are highlighted as examples of the consequences of disbelief.

Surah Al-An’am emphasizes the importance of following the guidance of Allah and His Messenger. It reminds believers to be steadfast in their faith and to avoid associating partners with Allah or engaging in polytheistic practices. It stresses that only Allah has the power to grant sustenance and provide protection, and that seeking intermediaries or idols is futile.

The Surah also addresses the concept of halal (lawful) and haram (forbidden) in matters of food and the importance of consuming what is pure and lawful. It highlights the prohibition of consuming blood, pork, and animals slaughtered in the name of anyone other than Allah. This serves as a reminder to believers to be mindful of their dietary choices and to seek Allah’s blessings in their sustenance.

Furthermore, Surah Al-An’am warns against the temptations of Satan and the influence of evil. It encourages believers to seek refuge in Allah from the whispers of Satan and to strive against their own desires and inclinations. It emphasizes the importance of self-discipline and self-control in leading a righteous life.


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