Surah Nisa Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


“Surah Nisa” is the fourth chapter of the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. It addresses various aspects of social and legal matters, particularly concerning women and family life. Surah Nisa begins by emphasizing the importance of justice and fair treatment, encouraging believers to uphold equality and righteousness in their dealings. It highlights the value of caring for orphans and the vulnerable, urging Muslims to act responsibly and provide for those in need.

The Surah also contains verses that address marriage and the relationship between spouses. It emphasizes the importance of mutual respect, kindness, and fairness in marital relationships. It encourages husbands to treat their wives with love and compassion and advises wives to fulfill their marital obligations while maintaining their dignity and rights.

Additionally, Surah Nisa addresses the issue of inheritance, providing guidelines on how to distribute wealth among family members after a person’s passing. It establishes specific shares for various relatives and emphasizes the importance of ensuring fair and just distribution.

The Surah also touches upon the prohibition of polygamy and advises men to marry only within the bounds of their capability to fulfill their responsibilities towards their wives. It encourages monogamy as the ideal form of marriage while acknowledging the permissibility of polygamy under certain circumstances.

Furthermore, Surah Nisa contains verses that address issues related to divorce, including the process of dissolution, waiting periods, and the treatment of divorced women. It emphasizes the importance of fair treatment and offers guidance on the best way to handle these delicate situations.

Throughout the Surah, there is a recurring theme of accountability and the importance of maintaining a strong moral compass. It warns against injustice, oppression, and engaging in unlawful activities. It encourages believers to strive for righteousness and to avoid indulging in deceit, hypocrisy, and unethical behavior.

Surah Nisa also reminds Muslims of their duty to follow the guidance of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. It emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledge, understanding, and implementing the teachings of Islam in all aspects of life.

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