Surah Kahf Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


The Surah Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Quran and consists of 110 verses. Surah Kahf begins with an introduction highlighting the importance of seeking refuge in Allah from evil influences and acknowledging that the Quran is a divine revelation. The Surah then presents four main narratives, each conveying valuable lessons and moral teachings.

The first story revolves around a group of young believers who seek refuge in a cave to protect their faith from persecution. They fall asleep and wake up after 300 years, demonstrating the power and ability of Allah to preserve and reward those who remain steadfast in their beliefs.

The second story concerns the encounter between the Prophet Moses (Musa) and a wise servant of Allah, Khidr. Moses seeks knowledge from Khidr, who performs seemingly inexplicable actions with divine wisdom. These actions teach Moses important lessons about trust in Allah’s wisdom and the limitations of human understanding.

The third narrative revolves around the prosperous and pious man, Dhul-Qarnayn, who travels across the Earth, establishing justice and helping people. He encounters various communities and deals with their challenges, emphasizing the importance of using power and resources for the benefit of society and maintaining justice.

The final story in Surah Kahf tells the account of a wealthy man who had been blessed with abundant resources but became arrogant and forgetful of Allah. His wealth and possessions are destroyed, reminding humans of the impermanence of worldly wealth and the necessity of prioritizing spiritual growth and reliance on Allah.

Throughout the Surah, there are recurring themes of faith, trials, and the transient nature of worldly possessions. It encourages believers to hold steadfastly to their faith, seek knowledge, and act with justice and humility. The Surah also warns against the dangers of arrogance, materialism, and straying from the path of righteousness.

In addition to the narratives, Surah Kahf contains various lessons and teachings. It emphasizes the significance of the Sabbath as a test for the people of a town, warns against blindly following the majority and deviating from the truth, and highlights the importance of gratitude and acknowledging Allah’s blessings.

The Surah concludes with a reminder of the temporary nature of worldly life and the ultimate reality of the Hereafter. It encourages believers to seek the pleasure of Allah and engage in righteous actions, emphasizing that true success lies in the eternal life to come.


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