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Surah As-Saff, also known as “The Ranks” or “The Battle Array,” is the 61st chapter of the Quran. It was revealed in Madinah and consists of 14 verses. The surah primarily addresses the importance of faith, unity, and struggle in the cause of Allah.

Surah Saff begins by highlighting the significance of proclaiming Allah’s glory and praising Him. It emphasizes that everything in the heavens and on earth glorifies Allah, and He is aware of what His servants do. This verse reminds believers of the omnipresence of Allah and the need to remember Him in all aspects of life.

The surah then introduces the analogy of Jesus (Isa) and his disciples to the believers. The disciples of Jesus are described as strong and firm in their faith, like a row of soldiers in battle. They were obedient to Allah’s commands and supported His religion. This serves as an example for Muslims to strive for unity and dedication in the cause of Islam.

Allah encourages the believers to be like the disciples of Jesus and to be steadfast in their faith. He reminds them that He will reward those who believe and do righteous deeds. This encourages the believers to continue their struggle in the path of Allah, regardless of any obstacles they may face.

The surah then shifts its focus to the hypocrites who claim to believe but do not truly possess faith in their hearts. Allah exposes their deceitful nature and warns them of the consequences of their actions. He compares the hypocrites to Satan, who is always plotting against the believers. This serves as a reminder for the believers to be cautious and not fall into the traps of hypocrisy.

Allah reassures the believers that He will protect and support them. He promises to strengthen those who believe and establish them firmly. The believers are encouraged to put their trust in Allah and rely on Him in times of difficulty. This message provides reassurance and encouragement to the believers, reminding them that Allah is always there to help them.

The surah concludes with a call to the believers to march forth in the cause of Allah. They are urged to strive in His way and not to fear any criticism or opposition they may face. The believers are reminded that victory comes from Allah, and He is with those who are steadfast in their faith and actions.

Surah Saff serves as a reminder to the believers about the importance of faith, unity, and struggle in the cause of Allah. It emphasizes the need to remain steadfast in one’s beliefs and to strive for righteousness. The surah warns against hypocrisy and encourages the believers to rely on Allah’s support and guidance.


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