Surah Insan Full PDF – Download & Read Online 2023


Surah Insan, also known as Surah Al-Insaan or Surah Ad-Dahr, is the 76th chapter of the Quran. It was revealed in Medina and consists of 31 verses. The Surah beautifully illustrates the importance of gratitude, charity, and the rewards awaiting the righteous believers in the hereafter.

Surah Insan begins by highlighting the creation of mankind and the favors bestowed upon them by Allah. It emphasizes that humans were created from a humble beginning, from a drop of fluid, and were then given the faculties of hearing, sight, and intellect. Allah reminds humanity of His blessings, urging them to express gratitude and humility towards Him.

The Surah then shifts its focus to the righteous actions of believers. It narrates the story of a group of believers who, out of sincere devotion, spent their wealth in charity, helping the poor, orphans, and captives. They did so while seeking only the pleasure of Allah and expecting no reward or recognition from others. Allah commends their actions and promises them a great reward in the hereafter.

The Surah also describes the qualities and characteristics of the righteous believers. It highlights their patience in times of difficulty and their ability to control their anger. It emphasizes the importance of forgiving others and seeking reconciliation, as Allah loves those who do so. The Surah encourages believers to engage in acts of kindness and to help others, for these are the traits of the righteous.

Additionally, Surah Insan provides a vivid description of the rewards and blessings awaiting the righteous believers in Paradise. It portrays the gardens of bliss, where the inhabitants will be adorned with garments of silk and gold, reclining on thrones, and served with delicious fruits and drinks. They will have eternal youth and will be surrounded by pure companions. This depiction serves as a motivation for believers to strive for righteousness and to prioritize the eternal life over the temporary pleasures of this world.

The Surah concludes with a reminder of the Day of Judgment, when all individuals will be held accountable for their deeds. It highlights the stark contrast between the rewards of the righteous and the punishment of the disbelievers. Those who rejected faith and engaged in arrogance and disbelief will be cast into the hellfire.


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